Ally Bedell

Ally lives in Northern Virginia with her family. Her dad is a retired Army Colonel so she has moved around and even lived in South Korea for three years. She is a rising junior and plans to attend medical school. She is majoring in Chemistry, on the pre-med track, and planning on declaring a double major in Africana this coming semester. She also plans on bringing her pillow pet to the conference!

Within Warner, she has served as House Manager and is the current Red and Black Ball Committee Auction Chair. Outside Warner, she is a member of Black Student Coalition, ROTC, and club swimming. This summer, Ally went to Ghana on the anthropology study abroad trip, where she took two Anthropology classes and shadowed doctors in five different areas of the local teaching hospital. 

Ally is excited about being in Amsterdam with so many people committed to the eradication of the same disease. Davidson has taught her the importance of discussion and learning other viewpoints and being able to come together with people who have different backgrounds. Ally believes that learning comes from interactions and discussion and she is prepared to talk each day and learn everything that she can. Although Ally is eager to go to the conference she is most nervous about attending it alongside leaders in the HIV community.


Ally’s advice to younger Warner members who may be interested in this opportunity:

Don’t be afraid to get involved! This goes for anything in life but especially in Warner. The girls are so supportive and it is a great way to try out leadership opportunities and see how Warner functions first hand. For this conference, research HIV/AIDs and see if it is something you are interested in. If it even looks semi interesting, apply! It is a great opportunity to learn first hand and meet different people.