International AIDS Conference

Farewell to Amsterdam

Everyone left early this morning. Well everyone except me (haha). I went to the conference for the morning session and went to a talk about the impact the global gag rule has had on Mexico City.
I finished the day by going to the Moco Museum (amazing) and walked around the flower market. Overall, this experience has been amazing and insightful. For a week I was surrounded by the top people in their respective fields and heard people from across the globe tell their stories. The conference illustrated the impact countries can have on one another.
This also was not only about HIV/AIDS. It was also about the people who were fighting it, had fought it, and those who are trying to end the fight once and for all. In addition to science-related talks (which there were plenty of), I learned about politics, migrants, and key populations. I went to talks concerning transgender people, sex workers, people who inject drugs, and many high risk populations. In addition, I learned about combating stigma in my everyday life.
I have learned more than I ever thought and am ready to continue to learn.
-Ally Bedell

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